Self-Match Compatibility Project

We are building an application that prospective partners can use to explore compatibility using their intellect and technology.


For animals, “chemistry” always comes first in finding their partner.



match, chemistry, partners, meercat

For people, the use of intellect and technology should come first, and “chemistry” should come second.


research, computer, compatibility, match



  • Register as a user or member.
  • Go to Question Bank and browse through questions.
  • Choose questions that are important and relevant to you.
  • Answer them and save them in a survey.
  • Send this blank survey to your prospective partner.
  • Your partner will take the same survey.
  • You both get notified when your matching results are ready and you can view each other’s answers and the matching report.
  • You can request your prospective partner to compose a new survey that you can both take independently.
  • The process can be repeated as many times as necessary for the two people to decide it they are right for each other.

The Two Goals of the Project:

Build the library of quality questions.

Raise funds to develop the app.