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  • 1. Is Self-Match only available to users in Texas? Self-Match started as a Houston-based experimental dating site. If proved successful, the plan is to promote it in other Texas cities and other states. It doesn’t mean that you can’t use Self-Match if you live in California or London. The problem will be the lack of other users in your city/country. It’ll take some time for Self-Match to grow and build an abundant fan base in your neighborhood.
  • 2. Is Self-Match suitable for the LGBTQ community? We think so. You can filter the questions and only use the ones that you think are relevant to your particular situation. We’d like to enrich our Question Bank with new categories and new questions that may better cater for other groups of people. So, please submit your ideas and your specific questions.
  • Registration and Account Management

    1. I’ve filled out the required fields and uploaded the photo, why can’t I log in?
    Check your regular email account that you have provided during the registration and respond to the confirmation email from Self-Match to activate your account. You should be able to log in after that.
    2. I have not received the activation email, what do I do?
    Check your Trash and Spam boxes. If you still can’t find the email, try to log in Self-Match.com again. You will see the link Resent activation email. Click the link to repeat the process. If this doesn’t help, please send us an email at support@self-match.com explaining the issue.
    3. Do I have to finish creating my full profile right away?
    No, you don’t. You can start exploring the site and interacting with potential partners without providing all the information requested by the fields. However, it really helps if you want people to take you seriously.
    4. Why do I have to provide my address?
    Your address is an extra piece of information that we will use only if we need to mail you something special, for example, a Self-Match appreciation gift 😊. By the way, this is an optional field.
    5. Why do I have to provide my phone number?
    Your phone number may be used for the security verification purposes and in very rare instances when we need to talk to you. We will always email you first.
    6. Can I change the information in my account/profile?
    Yes, you can change all the information in your account and profile except your email address and your username. To make the changes, go to Manage Profile – Edit Profile in the Main Menu.
    7. How can I cancel/delete my account?
    In the Main Menu open My Account and click Delete Account/Profile. Follow the confirmation prompts.


    Dashboard and Public Profile

    1. Can other users see my Dashboard?
    No, your Dashboard is only visible to you. The other users cannot see who you got pinned to your dashboard or how much $M you have in your bank. Other users can only see your Public Profile.
    2. How can I pin a user to my Dashboard?
    After you found a partner you like through a Quick Search or by browsing, click on his/her photo to open the user’s Public Profile. You will see Pin me to your dashboard option under Let’s Self-Match! Click on this link. You should be able to see the confirmation: _______(name) was pinned to your dashboard.
    3. How can I delete a Pinned Partner from my Dashboard?
    Simply click the small trashcan icon below the pinned photo of the partner.
    4. How can I add a Partner to Carousel?
    Hover over the photo of the partner on your Dashboard. In the Pinned Partner Menu, click on Ad to Carousel. If action didn’t produce immediate result, please repeat the action one more time.
    5. How can I delete a Partner from Carousel?
    When you delete the partner from your Dashboard (the Pinned Partner Area), s/he gets automatically deleted from the Partner Carousel.
    6. How can I view my Public Profile?
    Click on your small welcome photo in the left part of the top bar.
    7. How can I see a Profile of my Pinned Partner?
    Click on the pinned partner’s name.


    Question Exchange

    1. Where do the questions come from in Pop-a-Question feature?
    The questions come from the Self-Match Question Bank. Currently, Self-Match has more than 300 questions that belong to fifteen categories.
    2. Who are the Mystery Users that appear in the Pop-a-Question feature?
    The Mystery users are those who popped and answered a random question and chose to send it to a Mystery user. Mystery users fall into each other’s preferred gender category. As more users join the site, the pool of Mystery users will become more and more limited to the users of your preferred age and specific GEO location.
    3. Whose photos show in the bubbles?
    Photos in the bubbles belong to the users who chose YOU to receive their random or specific question.
    4. Can I choose questions I send to other users?
    Yes, but you can only do it by using the Send a Question option available in the Pinned Partner menu or in the Main Many under Things to Do.
    5. Is my answer choice to a certain question saved automatically?
    Yes, Self-Match saves your responses to all the questions. When the question is popped, and it shows one of the answer choices already marked, this means you have answered this question before. You can change your response by selecting another option.
    6. Why can’t I see ALL the questions I’ve exchanged with a certain user?
    You can only see the questions that YOU sent to this partner, not the questions that this partner sent to you.
    7. Can I make up my own question to send to other users?
    You can create a question and send it to Self-Match for approval. Once approved, the question will be added to the Bank. After that you can choose this question and send it to any partner you want. So yes, you can, but this will take some time.
    8. I am a straight woman. Why do I get questions from other women?
    This may only happen if a bisexual woman becomes interested in you and decides to send you a question. You can choose to skip it. If you don’t answer the questions she sends you, she’ll understand that you are not interested.


    Self-Match Bucks ($M)

    1. Why do I need to earn $M? You will need to use $M to open other users’ profiles or parts of their profiles. You will also need $M to upload additional photos to your gallery or send and read messages. 2. My SM Bank account shows 0 balance while it showed 120 $M last time I used the site. Where is my money? The Silver $M play currency is temporary - it expires after 48 hours of inactivity. In order to use the site completely free, you have to use it quite regularly and engage in compatibility exploration activities to keep on earning $M. 3. What is the advantage of Gold $M? Why do I have to pay for them? The Gold $M has a definite advantage: this play currency DOES NOT expire, and you don’t have to ‘work’ for it by popping bubbles. You want to have it all – you’ve got to pay for it! 4. Is there a shortcut to earning $M? Not really. We want you to work hard by popping the bubbles; this gives you a much better chance to get to know your partners and make decisions about your compatibility. However, there is one small shortcut: find the Self-Match bots!


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