About Self-Match.com

Who We Are
Self-Match.com is an experimental web-based application that was launched in Houston, Texas in the Spring of 2019 with the intent to offer its users a unique DIY approach to finding compatible partners.

Our Mission
By creating an online dating experience that engages people in a fun but meaningful way, we put Self- Match users in charge of the matching process helping them find relationships that will last a lifetime.

Self-Match Innovation
Self-Match.com combines the traditional features available at most internet dating sites with some unique features available nowhere else but here. Right after registering and meeting Self-Match mascot Sam, the blue hawksbill sea turtle, the user may choose to pin potential partners to Dashboard, add them to Carousel for a random spin, or start popping bubbles to earn Self-Match bucks. What?! If this is your reaction, don’t be surprised. The Pop-a-Question feature is the main feature that allows Self-Match users explore compatibility with potential partners. The bubbles with hidden random and specific questions connect partners across the virtual space and allow them to see their responses side-by-side.

While most traditional dating sites require that their users answered tens or hundreds of questions in advance and then apply mystic algorithms to find their “matches”, Self-Match members exchange questions in real time and make their own conclusions whether a potential partner is a good “match” or not. Hence our name, SELF-MATCH.COM