Question Bank


1. My hobby involves

  • Using my hands
  • Using my mind
  • Using my body

2. Is it important that your partner and you share a common hobby?

  • Yes, so we could spend more time together practicing it.
  • Yes, because it would give us another thing in common to talk about.
  • No, I would prefer that my partner's interests are different than my own.
  • No, because each of us should have an activity we can enjoy independently of one another.

3. Which one of these hobbies appeals to you most?

  • Collecting coins
  • Making pottery
  • Selling things on Craig's List
  • Learning to play a music instrument

4. Do you prefer active or passive hobbies?

  • Active, like sports or hiking.
  • Passive, like painting or playing an instrument.
  • I enjoy both active and passive hobbies.

5. Which type of hobbies appeal to you most?

  • Nature-related (gardening, hiking, etc)
  • Performance Arts (dancing, singing, music, etc)
  • Computer-related (video gaming, blogging, web design, etc)
  • Health & fitness (swimming, martial arts, etc)

6. How much time do you spend engaged in your hobby?

  • Less than an hour each day
  • A few hours each day
  • A few hours, once or twice a week
  • A few hours each month

7. If your partner invited you to come to a special class with him/her, which one of these would you most likely agree to attend?

  • Salsa class
  • Yoga class
  • Glass blowing class
  • Ethnic cooking class

8. Do you prefer to participate in or observe sports activities?

  • Participate. I love playing sports.
  • Observe. I'd rather watch than play.
  • I like to do both.
  • I am not interested in sports.

9. Your partner feels like your hobby takes a lot of your time and money. What would you do?

  • Change nothing.
  • Cut either time or money.
  • Try to cut both time and money.
  • Advise your partner to start a hobby of her/his own.

10. If your partner asked you to give up your hobby, what would be your most likely reaction?

  • If my partner gave good reasons as to why, I would probably give it up.
  • I would negotiate and suggest that instead of giving it up altogether, I spend less time engaged in it.
  • I wouldn't agree to give it up but only engage in it when my partner isn't around.
  • I would refuse to give up my hobby.