Question Bank

Intimate Preferences and Behaviors

1. Rate how affectionate you are in public: 1- being not affectionate at all and 4 – being very affectionate:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

2. Would you kiss your partner in public?

  • No, it is never appropriate
  • Only a light kiss
  • I don’t mind French-kissing my partner in public.

3. If you are not satisfied with your partner’s sexual performance, what would you do?

  • I would discuss this problem with my partner and would be open to trying different ways of improving our sexual experience.
  • I would pretend that I am satisfied with our sex life.
  • I would probably start looking for another partner.

4. How would you communicate that your intimate experience with your partner could be improved?

  • Through explicit verbal communication
  • By means of jokes and hints
  • By trying things differently in bed
  • By temporarily avoiding intimacy with my partner

5. Would you be willing to communicate to your partner how you need to be caressed to achieve arousal?

  • No, I can’t talk about things like this.
  • No, but I can lead my partner during sex to help him/her understand what arouses me most.
  • Yes, I feel OK with telling my partner these things.

6. Do you think it is appropriate to discuss your past intimate relationships with other partners?

  • No, I would never bring up this subject and would stop my partner from bringing it up.
  • Yes, we can learn from our past relationships.
  • It can be appropriate only in some specific situations.

7. Do you like to plan your sex life with your partner?

  • Yes, I like to let my partner know in advance that I have special plans for a certain night.
  • Yes, I like to have sex on specific days of the week.
  • No, sex has to be spontaneous every time.
  • No, but sometimes we exchange hints or moves that help us plan for intimacy later on.

8. How often do you prefer to have sex in a stable relationship?

  • Every day
  • 2-3 times a week
  • About once a week
  • Twice a month or less

9. Do you like to cuddle after making love?

  • Yes, I like falling asleep in my partner’s embrace.
  • Just for a few minutes and then I need my space.
  • No, just a quick kiss is enough cuddling for me.

10. Do you prefer to sleep naked?

  • Yes, all the time
  • Yes, but only after having sex.
  • No, I like to sleep in my pajamas.
  • I have to have at least my underwear on.

11. Are you OK with your partner, you, or both of you walking around the house naked (assuming you are alone)?

  • No, I don’t like that.
  • It is OK on some leisure days.
  • I don’t think we are attractive enough to walk around naked.
  • I love it!

12. Do you like to leave some of your clothes on when having sex?

  • No, I prefer to be completely naked.
  • Yes, it turns me on when we are partially dressed.
  • It depends where we have sex.

13. Where would you most likely to have sex outside your home?

  • In a hotel
  • In a car
  • On the beach
  • In a park

14. Do you believe foreplay helps both partners to enjoy sexual experience more?

  • No, I don’t practice much foreplay.
  • Foreplay improves only the woman’s sexual experience.
  • Yes, both partners enjoy sexual experience more when engaged in foreplay.

15. How long should foreplay last?

  • One-two minutes
  • 5-10 minutes
  • 10-20 minutes
  • More than 20 minutes

16. Is it important for you to feel clean before having sex?

  • Yes, I can only enjoy sex after both me and my partner take showers.
  • I don’t mind some light natural scents.
  • The dirtier we are, the more aroused I get.

17. Do you like taking a shower after sex?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Sometimes

18. Do you enjoy sex in the shower?

  • No, maybe some foreplay only.
  • I’ve enjoyed it a few times.
  • I love it!

19. Do you prefer to have more ritualistic/routine or more spontaneous/experimental sex?

  • I am more into familiar routine.
  • I like to alternate ritualistic and spontaneous.
  • I like to experiment as often as possible.

20. What is your attitude toward oral sex?

  • It should be a part of any or most sexual encounters enjoyed by both partners.
  • It should be used only for a change or if additional stimulation is necessary.
  • A man should orally stimulate his partner and not always expect it in return.
  • A woman should orally stimulate her partner and not always expect it in return.

21. What is your attitude toward using sex toys?

  • I prefer not to use sex toys.
  • I prefer using sex toys on special occasions.
  • I like to use sex toys every time I have sex.

22. How big a variety of sex toys do you like to use?

  • I only use one favorite sex toy.
  • I have two-five sex toys that I enjoy using periodically.
  • I like to experiment with all kinds of sex toys and other stimulating products.
  • I prefer not to use sex toys.

23. How do you feel about using enhancement supplements or pills to improve your sexual experience?

  • They are OK to use when you want to improve your sexual experience.
  • They should be taken only if sex is not possible without them.
  • I would only use natural supplements but never chemical products.
  • I would never use and would not like my partner use any of these products.

24. If your partner struggles with sexual performance or enjoyment of sex, would you recommend the use of enhancement supplements or pills?

  • Yes, definitely.
  • I would discuss this option with my partner.
  • I would never recommend this to my partner.

25. Do you enjoy morning sex?

  • Yes, most of the time.
  • No, I am never in the mood for that.
  • Only when we don’t have to rush.

26. What is your favorite time to have sex?

  • Morning
  • Any time is OK for me.
  • Before we go to sleep.

27. I usually prefer sex to be …

  • Slow and sensual
  • Fast and rough
  • Changing from one to the other.
  • Depends on the circumstances.

28. How much light do you prefer to have when having sex?

  • I like complete darkness.
  • I don’t mind having sex in bright light.
  • I like dim light.
  • Doesn’t matter to me.

29. Do you like music in the background when having sex?

  • Yes, any kind of music is better than none.
  • Only slow instrumental music.
  • I’d rather have nature sounds when having sex.
  • I’d rather do it in complete silence.

30. Do you maintain eye contact with your partner during sex?

  • No, I keep my eyes closed all the time.
  • Only during foreplay with enough lighting.
  • I like to watch my partner during sex if possible.

31. Would you like to have a big mirror and watch your reflections while having sex?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not sure

32. How much do you talk during sex?

  • Almost never.
  • Somewhat.
  • I am quite talkative during sex.

33. Your phone rings while you are having sex. What would you do?

  • I’ll interrupt sex to answer my phone.
  • I’ll answer the phone only if I am expecting an important call.
  • I will not answer the phone and pretend I don’t hear it.

34. Do you like dirty talk during sex?

  • Yes, if my partner is OK with it.
  • No, I never feel the need to do it.
  • I think it is gross.

35. How loud are you during sex?

  • I am pretty quiet.
  • I moan somewhat and a little louder during orgasm.
  • I am a pretty loud moaner and may turn into a screamer during orgasm.
  • It varies depending on the partner and the environment.

36. How many different positions do you like to try during a typical sexual encounter?

  • One
  • Two or three
  • More than three

37. Do you enjoy sex more while intoxicated?

  • Yes, I usually have a better sexual experience after I drink some alcohol.
  • No, I become more lethargic and can’t fully enjoy sex.
  • To me the foreplay while tipsy is more enjoyable but not the intercourse.

38. Which one out of these four positions with possible variations would you rather use for sex?

  • Missionary
  • Spoon
  • Doggy-style
  • Cowgirl

39. Are you OK with having sex when the woman is on her period?

  • No, I would not have sex during that time.
  • I think it is OK if both partners crave it.
  • Maybe at the end of the cycle.

40. What is your attitude toward anal sex?

  • I don’t like the idea of it.
  • Only if it doesn’t hurt any of the partners.
  • I think it is a great way to have sex!

41. Which statement regarding the compatibility of the organ sizes do you agree with most?

  • The sizes of the organs should be compatible: big vagina for big penis, etc.
  • The compatibility of sizes is desirable but not essential.
  • If you love your partner, the sizes do not matter; you can always find a way to enjoy sex together.

42. Do you have any sex fantasies that you believe you can communicate to your partner and fulfill them together?

  • Yes
  • No

43. Do you like to role play when having sex?

  • Yes, I'd like to do it quite often.
  • Yes, once in a while to spice things up.
  • No, I've tried it a few times and I didn't enjoy it.
  • I don't really know what you are talking about.

44. Would you like to be able to watch porn with your partner?

  • No, definitely not.
  • Yes, maybe once in a while.
  • Definitely yes; it's very stimulating.

45. Would you like to watch your partner masturbate?

  • No, I don't think so.
  • Yes, maybe once in a while.
  • Oh yes, it arouses me.

46. Do you enjoy doing 69?

  • No
  • Only as foreplay.
  • I can go all the way with 69.
  • What the heck is it?