Question Bank


1. How often do you exercise?

  • Every day if you consider walking to my car and back an exercise.
  • Two-four times a week
  • I am a fitness freak; I work out every day.

2. What are your healthy eating habits?

  • My health requires all kinds of food and as much as possible.
  • I eat about anything but I eat in moderation.
  • I like home-cooked meals with low fats and carbs.
  • I follow a specific diet (vegetarian, vegan, etc.).

3. How important is living a healthy lifestyle to you?

  • Very important. I try to stay active and eat right.
  • Somewhat important. I try to stay active but don't worry myself about what I eat.
  • Somewhat important. I like to eat right but I don't worry about staying fit.
  • Not important at all.

4. What kind of lifestyle appeals more to you?

  • Biker/Motorcycle enthusiast
  • RV traveler
  • Outdoor explorer
  • Upscale urban dweller

5. How often do you eat out?

  • Several times a day
  • Once or twice a week
  • Once or twice a month
  • Almost never

6. How many drinks do you usually have on a Friday night at a club?

  • 1-2
  • 3-4
  • 5+
  • I don't drink alcohol.

7. Which of the following restaurants are you most likely to visit?

  • Mexican
  • Asian
  • Italian
  • American

8. Which setting/activity would you choose for your second date?

  • Fancy restaurant
  • Movie theater
  • Walk on the beach
  • Boat ride in a park

9. In one word, how would you characterize your current lifestyle?

  • Busy
  • Stressful
  • Laid-back
  • Balanced

10. Where do you usually shop for clothes?

  • Name brand or boutique stores
  • Big department stores
  • Second-hand stores
  • Online stores

11. Do you consider yourself a fashionable person?

  • Yes, I try to stay on top of the latest fashion trends.
  • Somewhat, I like fashionable clothes and accessories but don't stress out if I am not on top of the latest trends.
  • Not particularly, though I like to dress and look nice.
  • I don't care about fashion at all. I wear what I like and feel comfortable in.

12. Which lifestyle would suit your best after retirement?

  • Stay home, visit family, do yard work.
  • Travel in RV, explore outdoors, keep a small pet.
  • Have part-time job or volunteer, help with grandchildren.
  • Move to Florida, buy a boat, travel the world.

13. If you were to buy a house with your partner, what style of a house would you like it to be?

  • Contemporary-modern
  • Colonial
  • Victorian
  • Mediterrenian

14. What is your attitude toward tattoos?

  • I like them. The more the better as long as they are tasteful.
  • I don't mind when someone has a few tattoos in inconspicuous places.
  • I'll be OK with my partner having a tattoo if it has a special meaning.
  • I can't stand tattoos.

15. Would it bother you if your partner smoked?

  • Yes. I don't want to be with someone who smokes.
  • Only if s/he smoked around me.
  • Yes, and I would encourage him/her to quit.
  • No, it wouldn't bother me.

16. Would you like to have a gun in your house?

  • Yes, it helps me feel safe.
  • No, I hate guns.
  • It doesn't matter to me.

17. Do you usually try to get to know your neighbors?

  • Yes, I always try to get to know my neighbors on a personal basis.
  • Yes, as long as it is no more than knowing their names.
  • No, I don't think it is necessary.
  • I wish I could live miles away from any neighbor.

18. If you could only have one vehicle for both of you, which one would you pick?

  • An SUV
  • A four-door sedan
  • A convertible
  • A truck

19. Which one of these do you consider to be comfort food?

  • Pizza
  • Ice-cream
  • Steak
  • Chocolate

20. Could you drastically change your lifestyle to accommodate your partner's lifestyle?

  • Most likely, yes.
  • Yes, only if it means improving the quality of my life.
  • Most likely, no.
  • No, if it requires some level of sacrifice from me.

21. You have noticed that your partner is very close to getting drunk. What would you do?

  • Tell him/her to stop.
  • Take him/her home as soon as possible.
  • Negotiate with your partner after how many more drinks you both will stop.
  • Try to catch up with your partner.

22. You are at the party and notice that you are running low on alcohol. What would you do?

  • Try to get a few extra drinks while it lasts.
  • Offer to go get some more.
  • Tell your friends to slow down.
  • Do nothing.

23. Which car would you rather own?

  • American made
  • Japanese made
  • German made
  • Other