Question Bank


1. Which animal(s) would you like or agree to keep in your house?

  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Cats and dogs
  • Neither cats nor dogs

2. What do you feel is the greatest burden of pet ownership?

  • Finding a pet-sitter to watch your animal while you're gone.
  • Cleaning up after them.
  • Paying for visits to the vet.
  • I don't feel like owning a pet presents any serious burdens.

3. How would you feel if your partner wanted to foster an animal?

  • I'd be totally willing to help foster.
  • I'd allow it but wouldn't help take care of the animal.
  • I'd be fine with it, as long as s/he found a home for it quickly.
  • I would not allow it.

4. If you decided to have a pet, where would you get it from?

  • From a pet store
  • From a breeder
  • From a pet shelter
  • From Craig's List or other ad source

5. What age of pet would you most likely get?

  • I would only get a baby pet that I can raise myself.
  • I would consider getting a pet in the first few years of its life.
  • I can see myself getting an adult animal.

6. Do you believe that occasional physical punishment of the animal is acceptable?

  • No, I am against any physical punishment.
  • Yes, sometimes physical punishment may be a good way to train your pet.
  • Yes, my pet needs to know who is the boss.

7. Your partner brought a stray dog home that s/he seems to be developing attachment to. You already have a cat and a dog and don't believe you need more animals. What would you do?

  • Tell your partner to take it to shelter right away.
  • Offer to keep it overnight and then take to the shelter.
  • Agree to keep the dog until your partner finds a good family for it.
  • Keep the dog as your own pet.

8. If your partner's pet made a big mess in the house and you are the first to find out, what would you do?

  • Start cleaning hoping your partner will join you.
  • Tell your partner to clean after his/her pet.
  • Tell your partner and help your partner clean.

9. How important is your pet's health to you?

  • Extremely. I will always be willing to take them to a vet if they need care.
  • Somewhat important. I want my pet to be healthy, but I don't want to spend a lot at the vet.
  • Mildly important. If they get sick or injured, it can be a burden to pay the expenses.
  • Not very. Animals don't need to be taken care of at the same level that people do.

10. Would it bother you if your partner disciplined their pet by hitting them?

  • No. They're just animals and it is okay to hit them if they've done something wrong.
  • Yes. You should never hurt an animal.
  • Somewhat. There are better ways to discipline pets without hitting them.
  • Only if it was uncalled for given the circumstances.

11. What are your beliefs about pet-care?

  • Pets should be spoiled and treated as family members.
  • Pets deserve second-best care after family members.
  • Pets are animals, so only their basic needs should be met.

12. How much money would you be willing to spend at the vet for your pet?

  • As much as it takes for them to be happy and healthy.
  • The bare minimum.
  • I wouldn't take my animal to the vet.
  • A reasonable amount, but there is a limit to how much I would spend.

13. Your partner has a pet that doesn't like you very much. What would you do?

  • I would ask my partner to get rid of the pet.
  • I wouldn't mind; I'm not much of an animal person anyway.
  • It would bother me, but I wouldn't try to force the pet to like me.
  • I would do everything I could possibly do to make the pet like me.

14. If you decided to have an exotic pet, which animal would you choose?

  • A parrot
  • An iguana
  • A boa-constrictor/python
  • A pot-belly pig

15. Which of the following best fits your attitude towards where pets are allowed to sleep?

  • Animals should sleep outside.
  • They should only be allowed to sleep on their bed or in their kennel.
  • I like to let my pet sleep in bed with me.
  • It doesn't make a difference to me where they sleep.