Question Bank


1. How important is traveling to you?

  • Traveling is one of the most important experiences in life and everyone should travel at least once for a longer period of time.
  • I love to see different countries and cultures, but a week or two each year is enough for me.
  • I do not care for travel that much. I am very happy with my life back home.

2. What would be the most likely goal of your travel?

  • To see historic and architectural sites
  • To see exotic nature and animals
  • To experience culture (food, customs, meet people, etc.)
  • To enjoy specific activity (surfing, safari, skiing, etc.)

3. Your favorite way of traveling is

  • Backpacking in Europe using trains
  • An organized tour
  • Cruise
  • Self-planned trip (hotels and rental cars)

4. Which factor most influences your decision about a vacation destination?

  • Price
  • Safety
  • Distance
  • Potential activities

5. When traveling, how important is it to plan ahead?

  • It's crucial to know exactly what you're going to do and make a full itinerary ahead of time.
  • It's important to plan for certain things like which hotels to stay at.
  • Not very important; it's more fun to be spontaneous when you're traveling.
  • Not important at all. You'll never know what you want to do until you get there.

6. When choosing a hotel, what matters most to you?

  • Comfort & amenities
  • Location
  • Price

7. Which continent would you like to travel to?

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • South America

8. On average, how often do you like and are able to travel for leisure?

  • Once every few months
  • Once a year
  • Once every 2-3 years
  • As often as I can afford it

9. When you are traveling, how active do you like to be?

  • Always on the go to see as much as possible
  • Have some active days and some leisure days
  • Kick back and relax most of the time

10. With whom would you most prefer to travel with?

  • Family
  • Friends
  • My partner
  • Colleagues

11. Which one of the following cities would you first visit with your partner if opportunity came along?

  • London
  • Tokyo
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Sydney

12. Would you travel for leisure or go on vacation without your partner?

  • Yes, I would, if my partner couldn't go or refused to go.
  • I would only go if my partner was OK with it.
  • Only on a short trip with other family members or friends.
  • No, I could not travel or go on vacation without my partner.

13. Would you trust your partner to plan a vacation?

  • Yes, completely, because I don't like to do the detailed planning myself and I am not picky about the details.
  • Yes, but I would like to be informed about the details and be able to provide my input.
  • Probably not; I enjoy planning trips and vacations but I would listen to my partner's input.
  • Definitely not; I am too picky about all travel arrangements.

14. Your partner wants to take time off work/quit his/her job to travel. You don't have time to come along. How long would you let your partner travel by him/herself?

  • 1-2 months
  • 2-6 months
  • I would give my partner all the freedom s/he wants and support him/her in that decision.
  • I would not allow my partner to go travel without me.

15. You are on vacation with your partner, and s/he complains of being tired and grumpy. What is your reaction?

  • I'd let my partner take a day off and continue enjoying the vacation.
  • I'd return with my partner to our hotel and we would both take a day off.
  • I'd be frustrated with my partner for not enjoying our vacation, but I'd understand and let him/her rest.
  • I'd tell my partner to suck it up.

16. Which scenario would be the worst to experience while traveling?

  • Getting sick
  • Losing your bags
  • Terrible weather
  • Spending twice as much as you've intended

17. If stuck at the airport, what would you rather do with your partner to kill time?

  • Spend extra time in a bar.
  • Go window shopping in all the stores and shops.
  • Take a nap.
  • Play games on your phones/tablets.

18. Which place would you least likely consider a vacation destination?

  • Cameroon, Africa
  • Laredo, TX
  • Papua New Guinea
  • New York City